R513A series: efficient and smart, even in extreme conditions

Our new R513A series guarantees high performance over a very wide temperature range. It is the ideal solution in comfort heating applications because it is able to produce very hot water even when the outside air temperature is very low.

This series is characterized by heat pumps and multipurpose units (4T) with reciprocating compressors and designed to use the R513A refrigerant with low environmental impact (GWP = 631). This configuration allows us to offer the market and our partners a range of systems that meet the needs of high-performance applications, combining them with our vision of a design that is more oriented to eco-sustainability.

Our heat pumps and multipurpose units are managed by our in-house software, with particular attention to the optimization of the defrost phase. Thanks to an adaptive system, the machines are even more efficient because they adapt independently to the environment where they are placed.

On adaptive defrost, you can read how we applied it in the project for Monash University.

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