The HFC phase-down as an opportunity for forward-looking companies

Let’s not pretend that things will change if we keep doing the same things. A crisis can be a real blessing to any person, to any nation. For all crises bring progress. (Albert Einstein)

Energy crisis, environmental crisis, pandemic crisis, geopolitical crisis. The past two years have been a difficult time for everyone and the forecasts are no better. However, the biggest mistake one can make is reacting to these situations by latching on even more fiercely to the old models. The mantra “we have always done this” is the easiest but also the most shortsighted refuge. The crisis, on the other hand, must be considered a turning point, a drive for change and the search for new solutions. It is an opportunity to be seized and used in the best way, in all its potential, for an evolution towards more functional and satisfying models.

In our market, the issue of eco-efficiency has become very sensitive for some years when it comes to refrigerants. The need to limit both the destruction of ozone and the formation of the greenhouse effect has prompted international institutions to issue very restrictive legislation to reduce the use of HCFC and HFC gases. These regulations have created a “small crisis” in our market, because on the one hand they have pushed companies to adapt from a technological point of view, but on the other they have created disorientation.

In recent years, very interesting products have been developed, such as HFO which has a GWP <1 (according to a 2015 IPCC study) and is classified A2L according to ASHRAE 34, i.e. non-toxic and low-flammable. Or the HFC/HFO blends that take advantage of both technologies to provide the best performance profile based on lower GWP, low flammability, efficiency and ease of use. These are flanked by natural gases, such as R290, which have some critical issues but can now be used with greater peace of mind, thanks to advanced technological solutions and new safety standards.

In short, there is no shortage of alternatives, you just need to make a change of mentality, because now the road has been drawn and the risk is to find yourself cut off if you are not able to follow the change. Of course, this entails new skills, investments and the search for forward-looking technological partners.

Our experience is clear, we have chosen from the beginning to favor green solutions for ethical and commercial reasons. We are convinced, in fact, that it is necessary to achieve the best combination of performance, safety, costs and environmental benefits. And as you can see from the video below, the market is slowly adjusting and the share of low GWP refrigerants we use in our refrigeration and air conditioning systems is increasing.

We note that there are still pockets of resistance, because in any case the paradigm shift involves an effort and the abandonment of established habits. But it is the right time, right now with all the problems that are happening in the world, to start looking to the future without fear, with enthusiasm and creativity. It is humanly understandable that many companies and professionals in the market are trying to limit the damage, during this complicated period, yet it is right now that we need to take a leap forward.

So, even though 2022 has only just begun, let’s say goodbye and consider it past. It’s time to think about 2023 and future years already!