All the benefits of advanced 3D modeling for each element of our refrigerant circuit

A matter of details …

A quote attributed to Leonardo da Vinci goes: “Details make perfection and perfection is not a detail”. Regardless of whether it is actually by Leonardo or not, this aphorism represents the reason why we take care of every detail. We strive to get as close as possible to perfection in designing every single one of our units.

…and optimization

In our industry, accurate execution of a project should also take into account space optimization inside a machine. This allows for various benefits, such as precision improvement, exact identification of each line component and an easier replicability of the project itself.

Innovation and expertise

This is possible thanks to the efficient integration of advanced technologies and specialist skills. Every single element of our refrigerant circuits is designed and rendered within the most advanced 3D modeling software and is made by the same mechanical designer who supervises the activities of our specialized bending staff.

Perfect curves

Making the most of the features of a numerically controlled tube-bending machine allows us to create complex components bent on three axes starting from the development of the tube. This process reduces the number of welds in the field and therefore the number of control points, as well as reducing possible break points over time.

Tracking and monitoring

Not only, but in this way we are also able to archive every component that has been produced. This in turn allows us to track it and monitor it in case of need during  service: an extra guarantee of quality and a valued solution by our authorized service centres.

Reduced times

This system, combined with the investments we make in the solid modeling of each single component, allows us to replicate the design of an identical machine in a very short time.

Benefits for everyone

The result is a series of enormous advantages for us, our customers, for service centres and – why not – also for the environment, as we are able to optimize the use of raw materials. In fact, thanks to the adoption of these advanced 3D modeling systems, we are able to optimize as much as possible the spaces and passages so that the operator works with dimensions and pieces already verified on the model, significantly reducing the possibility of errors during the construction phase and consequently the waste.