ProSeries: the new propane series that loves the environment

As Geoclima and then Hecoclima, we started the Heat Pump journey 15+ years ago, so we do truly have world leading experience in the production of air to water heat pumps and four pipe machines, specifically in low ambient conditions.

The Hecoclima ProSeries of air and water source heat pumps are designed and built not only to meet “Net-Zero CO2 goals for green heat production but also deliver exceptional performance when you need it most, at ambient extremes!

ProSeries includes:

  • ProChill, the propane chiller
  • 2Pro, the 2-pipe heat pump (reversible or not)
  • 4Pro, the 4-pipe multipurpose unit

Excellent features

  • R290

    • Zero Ozone Depletion
    • Global warming potential of only 3, this is actually likely to be dropped to 0.02 following the latest research
    • Non Toxic, natural refrigerant
    • Lower refrigerant charge 40% less in some cases (R134a)
  • Compressors

    • Our R290 compressors are always fully serviceable reciprocating compressors. This will lead to significantly lower service and maintenance costs over the plants lifetime.
    • Our machines have inverter capacity control
    • True oil management and monitoring, especially important on multi compressor machine
    • Suction accumulators on all machines, this protects the compressor in all extremes of operation be they caused by external ambient conditions or system water flow fluctuations beyond the control of the heat pump itself
    • Live discharge temperature monitoring, not just a thermistor that trips as on “cheaper machines”. Our machines constantly monitor the discharge temperature and if it increase via the electronic expansion valve we can take steps to reduce it automatically, or stop the compressor before damage occurs
    • All electrical components are intrinsically safe as standard
    • All pressure and temperature points are recorded by the microprocessor and all but the very smallest machines are available to the remote monitoring and intervention system
  • Frame

    • The frame is full powder coated 4-5 mm steal
    • All bolt and nuts stainless steel
    • Frame specifically designed to optimise defrost and water run off during defrost operation
    • Designed to aid maintenance and onsite installation, full bolted – not welded or riveted
    • Custom colours are available
  • Controls

    • Flexible controller which allows specific algorithms to be created to suit the specific site the machine is operating on
    • Can be updated remotely
    • The remote monitoring and intervention system allows the factory (and field approved engineers) to remotely monitor a machines operation, track faults and optimise the machines performance without needing to step foot on site
    • We can remotely log the operation of a machine and track site, ambient and machine changes to ensure the machine delivers the peak performance possible even in extremes of ambient conditions
    • Faults are often spotted and understood before the site are even aware there is a problem
    • The BacNet and ModBus interfaces allow not just the usual machine data to be shared with the BMS but in excess of 200 points of information in some cases which may be useful to a specific site
    • Full energy / EER and duty monitoring in real time
  • Fans

    • All fans are EC fans, with options for high static pressure and even ducted if needed
    • Fan attenuation pods available if required, to match machine and its colour
    • Adaptive noise control allows the fan speed to be driven down (if performance will allow) to ensure a machine stays below a predetermined sound level
  • Coil Blocks

    • All coil blocks have optimised fin configuration to improve low ambient performance
    • Various factory coil coatings are available to provide protection and aid heat exchange and defrost as required
  • Performance

    • All machines meet and exceed ERP 2021 required standards
    • All machines are AHRI certified

Download the booklet with data sheet!