Partnership with YANMAR Energy System Europe GmbH

We are pleased to announce that we have entered into a partnership with YANMAR Energy System Europe GmbH, a reliable supplier of cooling, air conditioning and ventilation solutions in Germany and Europe.

Thanks to this partnership, Hecoclima will develop and produce innovative heat pumps with natural refrigerants for YANMAR Energy System Europe. This is a significant step towards offering a complete portfolio of environmentally friendly and sustainable air conditioning and cooling systems. The use of natural refrigerants helps reduce the environmental footprint of cooling and air conditioning, benefiting both users and the environment.

Another essential goal of the collaboration is the joint development and implementation of further energy concepts with innovative machinery for the markets of YANMAR Energy System Europe. These new solutions will improve the efficiency and performance of cooling, air conditioning and ventilation systems, meeting the evolving demands of European customers.

As a service partner in Germany, YANMAR Energy System Europe will also provide maintenance, repair and expansion for YANMAR and Hecoclima products in commercial and industrial environments. Highly qualified technicians will be available to YANMAR customers and Hecoclima system operators, ensuring smooth operations and long-term satisfaction.

We are very satisfied to have signed this partnership with YANMAR Energy System Europe and we are certain that together we will be able to achieve great goals, to the benefit of our customers and the environment.