Monash University: new control logic for the biggest multipurpose installation across the World

We have completed the biggest multipurpose unit installation around the world. Thanks to Geoclima Australasia and its activity on field, we have met the customer’s needs with a supply of 3.5 MW of multipurpose units.

The prestigious customer, Monash University in Melbourne, chose a simultaneous system able to produce at the same time cold and hot water for the management of mechanical systems. Monash University is already a customer of the Geoclima Group with 18 units already installed in the various campuses.


Taking this opportunity, Hecoclima’s R&D department invested its technical resources to refine and customize all the control logics that characterize this type of unit. As a matter of fact, these 4 refrigerant circuits and multi scroll compressors units are able to independently manage the defrost cycle.


This is precisely the great evolution introduced with this project: the adaptive defrost as standard on all our multipurpose units and heat pumps. Thanks to this system, it is possible to minimize – and by the way only when necessary according to the various calculation algorithms – the defrost phase making it autonomous, as all units equipped with at least two refrigeration circuits have the opportunity to manage this type of operation independently for each circuit. The optimization of the defrost allows us to present to the market machines that are increasingly efficient and able to adapt perfectly to the environment that surrounds them by independently performing a series of operations only when deemed necessary for proper operation.


The oil return, a delicate issue on all types of units that exploit the cycle inversion, is ensured by a complex system of solenoid valves also under the complete control of the controller and operating according to the operating logics set by our R&D.


The units – installed in parallel when they supply the same building – are completely plug&play and able of self-regulating according to the specific needs of the loads required by the system, interpreting the data of water flows and temperatures as well as interacting with the building management system in which are integrated.


The installation was completed by equipping each individual machine with the WEB option (Web management system) which allows the complete monitoring of all functional parameters as well as management logics by the after-sales department. In this case, through a constant dialogue between the manufacturer and the unit, the after-sales department has the possibility to check exactly how the machine is working in the field and to perform sets and calibrations, if necessary. Based on the logic of continuous improvement, it is also possible to update the units remotely so that they are always accompanied by the latest software available, guaranteeing the end user a very high quality standard and also facilitating service and routine maintenance activities.

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