Two chillers for a Spanish food factory


Pescatún Isleña, S. L. ( is a Spanish company that has been producing and marketing tuna fish (mojana) and other fish derivatives for 25 years through the brands Ficolumé and Almadraba Nueva Umbría.


The increase in production – which today exceeds one million kilos – required the expansion of the tuna processing and conservation area.

Tecnifrio (, a Spanish company with over 30 years of experience in the cold sector, has been entrusted with the project and has chosen Hecoclima chillers for the technological performance it is able to guarantee.


Hecoclima supplied two air-cooled chillers with scroll compressors and R410A refrigerant. Both chillers are optimized to work in medium / low temperature and are equipped with a hydronic module with tank and double pump. All this without giving up a very compact design.

  • The large chiller – with 161 kW of cooling capacity – provides cooled water to 3 AHU which serve the white rooms and 6 ceiling evaporators for the processing area, in order to keep the environmental parameters strictly controlled.
  • The small chiller – 35 kW – serves two positive storage chambers where the product is stored.