Multipurpose unit for Thyssenkrupp


Thyssenkrupp is an international group of companies comprising heterogeneous industrial and technological activities that have technological innovation and respect for resources as their common denominator.


For the new plant in the Brescia headquarters, where raw materials are processed to be subsequently used in all their market channels, thyssenkrupp has commissioned the engineering firm ING Srl to design a plant capable of ensuring high levels of reliability and energy efficiency.


The solution developed by Hecoclima is a 330 kW multipurpose unit with 4 scroll compressors and 2 refrigerant circuits. This configuration ensures the highest degree of reliability, an indispensable requirement for process cooling & heating solutions. Thanks to the Hecoclima multipurpose units, it is possible to produce hot and cold water simultaneously and independently. The units are designed to ensure high efficiency and for a rational management of the system based on the actual workloads required by the plants.


The projects by Hecoclima are characterized by all-around high quality standards. In addition to the care dedicated to the design and construction phases, each installation is characterized by the attention paid to after-sales. In fact, even this project can count on complete remote monitoring that allows the after-sales department to set the plant performance in real time and promptly intervene with an expert maintenance service.