Our consulting approach makes the difference: the project for Silvano Chiapparoli Logistica


Silvano Chiapparoli Logistica is one of the most important players in the pharmaceutical market. With 5 headquarters located throughout the Italian territory, the Company is able to ensure an excellent service to its customers at all stages of the supply chain.


For the storage warehouse of the headquarters in the province of Lodi, Silvano Chiapparoli Logistica commissioned the engineering firm ING Srl to design a new high-efficiency roof top system capable of storing the product in the appropriate temperature range.

Our advice

Together with ING, our technical department analyzed the project in detail and proposed an alternative that significantly improved energy performance, compared to the roof top system solution. In fact, we were able to demonstrate that by installing our heat pump units, we would have obtained important benefits in terms of energy and plant management.

The project

We have developed three reversible heat pumps, each with 4 refrigeration circuits and 8 scroll compressors. Each 550 kW unit, for a total of 1650 kW installed, guarantees a minimum capacity step equal to 11.7% of the machine output. This configuration has the purpose of guaranteeing the maximum degree of reliability and high efficiency even at partial loads or in the event that it is necessary to intervene to maintain one or more refrigeration circuits.

Furthermore, we have provided a sequential control that allows, according to a logic developed in house, to be able to manage sequential start-ups based on the workloads, to be able to partialize the power supplied as well as to control the system remotely in order to always keep it in the best working conditions.


Thanks to the synergy between our technical department and the ING’s engineers, the Silvano Chiapparoli Logistica’s headquarters can now count on a highly efficient and technologically advanced system, able to keep pharmaceutical products in stock at constant temperature and humidity all year round.