Small is better: the details that make a small Company big


  • All holes made in the assembly department are repainted in order to avoid the formation over time of rust or scale of the paint layer
  • Double cycle epoxy powder coating is used: through a suitable deposit of paint this guarantees a very long life cycle of the frame
  • Stainless steel bolts and fixtures
  • Every Hecoclima heat pump is equipped with stainless steel condensation drain pans. This small detail minimizes, during the defrosting phases, the formation of residual water accumulation and allows the end user to install the drainage in the most convenient location during the positioning and installation of the machine.


  • Each component is labeled and numbered to allow for simple and immediate traceability
  • Our main cabinets are fully designed and produced in Hecoclima without any outsourcing
  • All electrical cabinets are equipped with a heater in order to maintain the temperature inside the cabinet during cold temperatures, protecting the internal components; at the same time, a ventilation fan is also installed to maintain temperature in hot climates or temperatures


  • For any range, the plate heat exchangers are inclusive of heaters, in order to guarantee adequate anti-freeze protection
  • Based on our experience in the field, we choose the positioning of each component with the aim of facilitating both our own and the end user’s service technicians, whether in case of ordinary or extraordinary maintenance
  • Thanks to a numerically controlled bending machine that allows us to bend the copper pipes according to our design and on three axes, we work to reduce the number of brazing points on the circuit. This decreases in turn the probability of breakage due to vibrations and/or defects of brazed components and further cuts the waste of raw material, allowing for a more eco-friendly design
  • All brazed joints are pressure tested; they are also tested with a helium process, which allows to detect microscopic leaks


  • Adequate insulation material is always installed on the water circuit side, as well as an electric heating cable to prevent the water from freezing in cold temperatures
  • Depending on the type of heat pump and/or model, drain, vents and pressure relief devices are installed in the most appropriate part of the circuit to eliminate any air present during refrigerant pre-charge and charge phases. Shut-off valves are also installed to facilitate access to each component during maintenance
  • By using Victaulic grooved fittings, we reduce the number of welded joints on the iron pipes, thereby minimizing the risk of potential leaks and/or breakages in the future. The welded joints made are also pressure and leak tested in order to guarantee the maximum level of reliability over time.
  • Increased protection is given to the evaporator by measuring and controlling the minimum outlet temperature and the minimum temperature of the refrigerant
  • In order to protect the machine and avoid invasive maintenance over time, each unit is equipped with pressure transducers and flow switch as standard. This allows us to increase the protection of the unit in case of absence of water flow


During the development stage of each unit, we also design the passage of the electric cables inside our units. This allows us to minimize the waste of raw material while at the same time optimizing the space available within the unit, thus ensuring that under any circumstances, the unit is in order and there are no cables in the way during maintenance


  • Each Hecoclima heat pump is supplied with proprietary software control in order to satisfy the needs of the end user. With our controls, we guarantee the efficiency of the unit at different loads and conditions; the reliability of a constant improvement through feedback loops; the option of remote control (upon customer request) and continuous monitoring of the unit by our after-sales service.
  • To guarantee minimum disruption during the delicate defrosting phases, we have developed our self-adapting and independent defrost that allows us to:
  1. Modify the defrost intervals according to the outside air temperature and the actual state of the coils. The operating logic provides that defrosting be performed not only though the management of run time, as it is done in most units on the market, but also though an analysis of the working parameters of the unit. This makes the operating logic adaptive with respect to the values actually recorded on site.
  2. Defrosting takes place independently (unit with 2 or 4 circuits with independent fan circuits). The calculation algorithm and the factory parameters allow, based on the project-specific technical considerations, to manage defrosting only on one of the circuits. This ensures a high functionality of the unit by limiting or managing alternately the defrost stages with the aim of increasing the energy efficiency of the unit and reducing forced operating times to the minimum.