R452B and R454B series: the highest efficiency in the smallest space

Since our inception, we have dedicated our R&D department to find new technological solutions, with the dual purpose of satisfying the customer’s requests and optimizing every single element of the system to achieve the highest level of efficiency.

Our new R452B and R454B series are another important step towards this goal, because we take low GWP as a fundamental factor in the refrigerant choice.

We have decided to use these two A2L refrigerant gases with low GWP (R452B = 676 and R454B = 466) in order to replace large R410A units and design ultra-compact units providing all our advanced technology in a very small footprint (only 1 x 1 mt or 3.2 x 3.2 ft).

In this way, we offer the market chillers, reversible heat pumps and polyvalent units (4 pipes) from 50 to 900 kW, meeting the needs of customers who do not want to give up the technical benefits of gas such as R410A but at the same time look carefully to the future and the environment.

Respect for environment
Constant monitoring
Software development
High Human skills

If we managed to fit all of this into just one square meter, imagine what we can do when we think big!

Stay tuned and you will find out.