High-temperature air-to-water reversible heat pump

VHA HPT units are high-temperature air-cooled reversible heat pumps, designed for a wide range of comfort and process applications. They operate with seasonal switching, optimized for cooling during the summer months and heating during the winter period. HPT units guarantee hot water production up to +70 °C, and even with an outdoor air temperature as low as -15 °C it can produce hot water up to +65 °C. For this reason they are the ideal solution for both for producing domestic hot water and for replacing a boiler in a system where radiators are still present. HPT machines can also handle the high temperature cycle required for legionella, as well as produce hot water for industrial processes. In addition to being remarkably versatile, Hecoclima’s new HPT units are also environmentally sustainable. The refrigerant gas used is R290, a natural refrigerant with a GWP of 3 and an ODP of 0.

VHA HPT heat pumps are mounted on a self-supporting metal structure, painted with epoxy powders suitably treated for outdoor installation. All units are supplied fully wired and ready to be connected to the user’s system. Before delivery, each machine is subjected to a performance test according to the strictest standards in force, with tripping tests of all safety systems and components installed. The units are designed, built and certified in compliance with European Union regulations.