VHA-290: the new propane series that loves the environment

We love green!

This is the guideline behind our new product series entirely dedicated to propane (R290).

Air/water cooled chiller, reversible heat pumps and polyvalent born to raise a level of attention about environment around us choosing a low GWP refrigerant gas, projecting the customer into the future thanks to high performances in line with 2021 targets.

First of all environment, performances and safety.

All units are equipped with high technology components and devices to ensure a high level of safety and functionality taking advantages from propane gas.

Available for process and comfort (from 50 to 400 kW), all VHA-290 products are dedicated to customers and professionals that they put on the top for the present and the future energy saving and environment respect.

For Hecoclima, another big step forward looking to the future. Are you ready to follow us?

We’re small but we think big.
Hecoclima, heating and cooling solutions.

Download the booklet with data sheet!